Healing With Your Inner Angel

Angels are Divine Beings that wait for our permission to help us. Have you ever felt lost? Alone? Like there is no one there. We all have that moment when we break down and cry because it feels like there is no hope left. Nothing I can do about this and there is no where to turn. Most of us are feeling that now as the world is in crisis. There has never been a better time to learn to connect with the Healing Angel that is living inside you. That Angel has been waiting for you to call her in to help you. It's a very simple process. It begins with listening. Stop for just one moment. Stop reading. Stop and take a breath and just listen. Did you hear a sound? Feel a smile or a frown, maybe a little frustration came up? That's the voice of your inner angel. People often think of Angels as perfect beings of light have only feelings of love. That's not exactly true. Angels are Divine Beings with infinite patience and unconditional love.  But they also have the ability to experience the whole range of human emotions. How else would your Inner Angel understand how to help you? I prayed for God to send me someone who understood me. Then I waited. I ranted and I roared and I waited some more. It took quite some time before I began to realize that someone was already there. That someone was the Angel that lives within me and is crying out to me. She tells me she felt like she didn't have permission to speak because I wasn't listening. Even though I had called her into my life in prayer every night and as my life became more challenging I'd call her in during the day I wasn't giving her an opportunity to speak. When I did I was amazed to learn that she was me! I know its hard to imagine that you are actually an Angel but you are. There is some part of our soul that comes with everyone of us born as humans that has come from the Angelic Realm. Some of call that part a Guardian Angel and others call it a Helping Spirit. In truth that Angel, that Guide, that Spirit is you. It's the part of you that you have forgotten and its the part of you that your soul came to remember. Our souls come here with a purpose. We came to remember something. The first step to remembering something is to retrace our steps. Ever lost your keys? Of course you have. How did you find them? You remembered. You asked yourself, "Where is the last place I remember having them?" and that's where you began looking. Well that's the key to finding your Inner Angel. When we are born we are connected with that Angel. You've all seen babies talking to the light beings around them. My mother used to say, "She's talking to the Angels" and she was right. I know you don't want to go back to when you were a baby, but I guarantee you can go back to a time when you heard that Angel speak. We all have the ability to remember our inner healing Angel and to connect with her to receive her guidance. So lets try again. Take a moment. Breathe. This time invite her in. Focus your attention and the center of your being. For some its the heart and others its the head. Find the space that makes you smile. You will find her there already working her healing magic. Because you see she's the one who directed you here. Try something like. Hello my beautiful Angel thank you for coming to work with me today. Do you have any guidance for me? Now stop and listen. be prepared for a chatterbox of loving words. Because she's been waiting a long time to tell you how important you are to her.

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