Angelic Messages – Archangel Uriel

I asked Archangel Uriel to assist me with raising my understanding the decrease in my vibration and seemingly continuous low vibration that many of us have been experiencing recently. This was his response. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

Maintaining your vibration during challenging times.

It is challenging to focus on positivity and love when so many are focused on fear.  So how does one maintain a high vibration when nothing else seems to be working? Perhaps its not necessary to do so. Maintaining your personal vibration is a matter of taking responsibility. We all have things we would like to be doing but the world has taken a break. To maintain a high vibration one first needs to know what is the appropriate frequency to be vibrating at during this troubled time.

Too high a vibration would take us into a world of fantasy and a place where we are not able to act in the best interest of all quickly. It is for this reason that we have adjusted your frequency to match with that of the collective. This is not something we do to harm you but to empower you to adjust to the new world and to live within it. This you are able to do with little clash within your family and community because we have asked you to sit still. The collective has found ways to meet without leaving their homes and this response from mankind has shown us that you are indeed ready for world peace. The focus of your leaders on peace and on coming home means that you have heard our call. We are here and we are ready to assist you. Call us in.

It is taking responsibility for your thoughts, at this time, that will allow you to adjust your emotions and your actions. For too long man has denied the ability to choose his thoughts. Claiming that one is not responsible for ones thoughts has kept man from taking responsibility for his actions. The delay is no longer in effect. Many are seeing instant responses to thoughts and often these are fear based. You are wondering where all this anger is coming from. I tell you it comes from within you. The instantaneous response to a thought is a pattern that is being called forth to be broken. You do have the ability to choose your thoughts. Those of you who have chosen to focus on clearing your minds and finding the space between your thoughts are aware that you are much more fragile in that space. It is time for you to take responsibility for that which you are inserting into the space. The space can only contain what you bring with you. Go into it with a loving thought and you will return with love.

Bring forth love and remember its spontaneity.  A spontaneous hug can now cause a catastrophic reaction as this virus is spread. Much the same as a spontaneous outburst of anger has in the past. It is for this reason that you are being asked to slow down. To focus your thoughts and to choose your actions from a conscious mind. You do have that ability. Sit still and listen has never been more important. When you hear the order to act sit a little longer. That is coming from your impatience and your ego. Watch the sleepy child within you for it is she who holds the key to your emotions. You have the power within you to choose your thoughts and your emotional response will shift as you focus on embracing that power.

Susan Goodman – Channelling the Archangel Uriel

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