What is Cord Cutting?

Many times we have heard the statement. “You need to cut the cords”. That’s easy enough to say but what happens when you don’t even know what the cords are? How do we decide what cords to cut and how do we know what’s happening when we are cutting cords? How do we even know the cords have been cut or which cords to cut? Aren’t their good cords? There is such a level of trust in the use of guided meditations especially since we are using online meditations so often these days that one wonders if people know what is being cut away.

To answer these question we first need to look at what cords are and where they come from. Energetic cords are invisible channels that connect us to a person, place or situation that is creating energy in our lives. Cords can carry both positive and negative because life on earth is a constant exchange of energy and growth. This is easier to envision due to the new technology, and the acceptance of the flow of information that takes place on the information highway. One issue with energetic cords is that they can become blocked, much like a traffic jam or worse like a traffic accident, that reeks havoc. Another issue is that cords that we are completely unaware of. Unconscious cords can create chaos in our energetic system. Maintaining our channels is our responsibility. This begins with an understanding of what these channels are and how they work.

When we are born we are attached to other mother through an umbilical cord. This cord is cut away but the bond that has been formed between us remains. What is left is an invisible energetic cord. The cord is strengthened and weakened depending on the exchange that takes place as the child develops. Feeding the child, nurturing it in a loving manner will expand the cord and it will continue to draw on that loving source throughout its life. Scolding will also expand the cord but should the child not understand the lesson and the love behind the scolding a tear or a blockage in that channel is created. We continue to create cords within our family and our world as we grow. Our perception of medical staff could be seen as formed through the energetic cord created at our birth situation. If you were born in a hospital you may have create a cord which contains both a fear of hospitals and a perception or a safe supportive environments. This is dependant on the energetic information received from the medical staff. As infants we are like sponges we are absorbing everything in our environment. As we grow we continue this practice but we develop discernment. We learn that we are also able to send out information and we are able to direct what returns to us along these channels.

Cords are invisible channels filled with different forms of energy from within our environment. Images, thoughts, words and even actions can travel along these invisible channels. It is what we feed them that causes them to expand or to be blocked. We have the ability to determine what travels through the cords just as we have the ability to determine what food we put into our bodies. In knowing that we also have the responsibility to maintain and manage the energy and information that we are sending out.

Understanding that these cords are necessary one could then begin to question why would I be cutting them? Picture a tree in the spring time. Some of the branches are dried up and even though there is new growth near the base of the branch where it connects to the trunk, the other branches are losing much needed nutrients because of the effort the tree is making to bring life to the tip of a dried up and dead branch. Our thoughts and connection to unhealthy people, places and situations, are much like the energy that causes the new leaves to sprout near the base of the branch. They don’t travel all the way to the tip and can never provide fruit or bring back healthy growth to our center. Cutting that branch gives the other ones the opportunity to grow stronger, sprout new leaves, flowers and fruit and bring vital life energy back to the tree and produce seedlings, thus creating new life. The branch is not aware that as it absorbs the sunlight it is continuing to drain the tree of potential life energy that could be absorbed elsewhere. These branches it is prudent to cut.

Humans however are much more aware than trees. Thoughts, words and deeds travel through the cords to the people, places and situations that they are attached to. Often we think are the people, places and situations that are at the ends of the cords we send our vital life energy into are unaware that they are draining us. But consider for a moment a prayer. Although the people are not aware that we are praying for them there is much evidence that the energy was sent out into the universe and received and transmitted into the lives of those people, places and situations we were praying for. It is much the same in the case of a curse. When we send an angry vengeful thought or even a wistful thought out into the universe it will travel along the same energetic cord with the same amount of energy we give it. In order to travel needs an energy source. In order to travel through the cords the curse or prayer requires an energy source . .That which moves the vehicle of thought through the cord we call emotions. E-motions quite simply put are energy in motion.

When these cords become blocked it takes a great deal more effort to clear them and it is prudent to cut them away so that new cords can be formed. We do that through cord cutting. Now we cannot see the cords and that’s why it is wise to call on those helper spirits guides and beings who are able to perceive on a different level than humans. Those that we call Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses we ask to assist us with the cord cutting process. Before we do that we connect to a source that has the strength to prepare us for what we are about to recognize and to assist us with the process. One would never attempt to clear away the wreckage of a traffic accident alone without tools. Nor should one attempt to do this with blocked or unconsciously created cords.

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