Moon Magic – Embracing the Void

Moon Magic

Moon Phase – Waxing Gibbeous Moon

Time of Day – December 26, 2020 10:10am

Planetary Influence – None: Void Moon

As the full moon approaches we are currently in a void moon phase. The moon has left the influence of Taurus and has not yet entered Gemini. This means that we have the purity of the moon’s influence from 6:32am to 6:32pm today. The emotional energy of a void moon is amplified by the absence of any ruling planets.


As conscious creators we need to be aware of our thoughts at this time. Our thoughts may feel like they are being directed by our emotions but in fact the opposite is true. We can choose how we direct our emotions by directing our thoughts.


With the full moon approaching we may be feeling a sense of anticipation and curiosity wondering what we will manifest as our new moon intentions come to mind. If we have been successful in our manifesting in the past we will be anticipating the next full moon with the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve. If in the past we have felt off balance, angry and negative during a full moon we may be anticipating more of the same.


Dreading the full moon we may be feeling anxious and fearful.  We can however turn fear into excitement by focusing on what we desire coming into fruition with the full moon. Use the void moon today to focus on your unlimited potential. When doubt seeps in redirect it toward doubting that anything less than full fruition of your dreams is even possible. When anxiety and fear creeps in as yourself what am I going to do with all that…money, love, power? If you are feeling some anger and frustration with failed manifestations remember that failure is a perception. Reevaluate what you actually attracted on the previous full moon and you will notice that it was not a failure but the reality of what you were focusing on reflected by where you placed yourself.

We are always in a position to receive. Place yourself in the position of receiving your greatest desires with passion and purpose.

Happy Manifesting

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