Much of my life I felt disconnected as if something was missing. When I was at the lowest point of my life I started to search for that piece of me that was missing. I vowed I would gather up the scatted pieces of my soul and I would write a book. If you find yourself here it’s likely because that is how you feel. Having begun that journey I travelled through many layers of my soul. I faced many challenges. I studied others and I studied me. Fortunately I didn’t do it alone though I often felt that I did. I found the Angels and I began to study with them. Every time I thought I could not go on I was presented with a new tool and a new strength. One of my teachers calls them superpowers and another psychic gifts. I call them memories. I called my soul to awaken and it began to remember. It remembered the souls that would help it to embody the new energy and it remembered where it had hidden the next clue. I tell all my students today that I do not have your answers but I will help you to find them. I am an Angelic Channel and I would be honoured to assist you in connecting with your soul and your soul’s purpose.