Angelic Messages – Archangel Uriel

I asked Archangel Uriel to assist me with raising my understanding the decrease in my vibration and seemingly continuous low vibration that many of us have been experiencing recently. This was his response. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.
Maintaining your vibration during challenging times.
It is challenging to focus on positivity and love when so many are focused on fear.  So how does one maintain a high vibration when nothing else seems to be working? Perhaps its not necessary to do so. Maintaining your personal vibration is a matter of taking responsibility. We all have things we would like to be doing but the world has taken a break. To maintain a high vibration one first needs to know what is the appropriate frequency to be vibrating at during this troubled time. Too high a vibration would take us into a world of fantasy and a place where we are not able to act in the best interest of all quickly. It is for this reason that we have adjusted your frequency to match with that of the collective. Continue reading "Angelic Messages – Archangel Uriel"

Healing Power of Gratitude

I lay in bed last night with such a terrible migraine that I was actually frightened. I had spoken to the nurses helpline and they had set up an appointment with me to speak with a nurse practitioner via phone. Like many others I am in self-isolation and awaiting the results of a test. I didn't feel so unwell as to go to the hospital as was the recommendation for my symptoms. I've had these migraines before and I've survived. This one had woke me up the night before and had continued most of the day. The call from the nurse practitioner had not come as scheduled and I was aware that the stress was causing more harm so off to bed I went. I lay there focused on all of the people in my life. My form of prayer these days is no longer to ask God for what I want changed. Instead I spent the time telling Him how grateful I was for all the things that I had in my life. Continue reading "Healing Power of Gratitude"

Healing With Your Inner Angel

Angels are Divine Beings that wait for our permission to help us. Have you ever felt lost? Alone? Like there is no one there. We all have that moment when we break down and cry because it feels like there is no hope left. Nothing I can do about this and there is no where to turn. Most of us are feeling that now as the world is in crisis. There has never been a better time to learn to connect with the Healing Angel that is living inside you. That Angel has been waiting for you to call her in to help you. It's a very simple process. It begins with listening. Stop for just one moment. Stop reading. Stop and take a breath and just listen. Did you hear a sound? Feel a smile or a frown, maybe a little frustration came up? That's the voice of your inner angel. People often think of Angels as perfect beings of light have only feelings of love. That's not exactly true. Continue reading "Healing With Your Inner Angel"