Strawberry Full Moon June 5, 2020

Are you feeling the shift? Friday June 5, 2020 brings the beginning of the eclipse energies for the season along with the full moon. With the COVID-19 virus attached to the lungs of humanity its a good time for us to reflect on what Mother Earth is trying to tell us.

I’ve noticed a clearing taking place from her lungs too. The beautiful crystal crust is being revealed as we walk the trails and the parks. We are beginning to notice the changes in the rock formation on this beautiful island of Newfoundland. The recognition that she is a crystal calls us to reflect and to seek the beauty within the hardened core that was created through the toxicity of our past actions. Time to cough it up so to speak. Get out amongst the plant people and make a new agreement.

Are you ready to release the self sabotaging behaviours that have stolen your ability to breathe freely? The earth is doing the same. Hidden gems are found beneath the full moon. What hidden gems can you find digging into your past agreement with your breath? It is the heart chakra of humanity which is being cleared by COVID-19. What more can we do to open our hearts and embrace the beauty beneath the mask? It’s time to ensure that your smile is reaching your eyes my beautiful friends. Return your focus to the beauty within you and let go of those toxic habits that are holding you in fear and shame.

Let go of the need to burn away your own lungs with the grief and pain of humanities shame so Mother Earth can reveal her plan to you. She has the solution. It is in the air that we breathe and we are the co-creators of that air. Let go of the need to focus on duality. It’s neither good nor bad, neither light nor dark. What has been reported to you by the mind of man has been a lie. The truth is in the heart of the earth. The heart of humanity is feeling this truth and releasing the lie. Let it go. Honour yourselves as the true co-creative spirits that you are. Separation is a lie. The only reality lives within the Center of that lie. We are both light and dark, truth and lie, good and evil.

Only when we embrace the fully powerful co-creators that we are can we be fully alive. Breathe my beautiful ones. Breathe the air that you have created for it is time to allow yourselves to embrace the peace that surpasses all understanding. That peace lies in the unity of love. Love is the force of all creation and in its truth there is no separation.

Reflect on where you were during the strawberry full moon in 2019. That was an eclipse energy as well. What was your focus? Where were you living? What had you manifested into your life at that time? Is it still serving you? What can you release to bring more if it? Has it served its purpose? Is it time to release it? Thank it and let it go. Return to love.

Journey out of Darkness

We hold our emotions in our bodies. For years I stuffed my emotions into food, drugs, or just ignored them altogether as I read, watched TV, surf the net or just slept. As long as I didn't have to deal with what I was truly feeling I could get through the moment. Until I couldn't. Then I would either explode in rage attacking anyone in sight for no reason or I would  attack myself. More than once those attacks became attempted murder as I tried to kill myself. The worst part was I wasn't even aware I was doing it. I didn't know why I was so angry. I didn't even know I was angry. One day my soul started to fight back. I started to hear voices. Continue reading "Journey out of Darkness"

Angelic Messages – Archangel Uriel

I asked Archangel Uriel to assist me with raising my understanding the decrease in my vibration and seemingly continuous low vibration that many of us have been experiencing recently. This was his response. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.
Maintaining your vibration during challenging times.
It is challenging to focus on positivity and love when so many are focused on fear.  So how does one maintain a high vibration when nothing else seems to be working? Perhaps its not necessary to do so. Maintaining your personal vibration is a matter of taking responsibility. We all have things we would like to be doing but the world has taken a break. To maintain a high vibration one first needs to know what is the appropriate frequency to be vibrating at during this troubled time. Too high a vibration would take us into a world of fantasy and a place where we are not able to act in the best interest of all quickly. It is for this reason that we have adjusted your frequency to match with that of the collective. Continue reading "Angelic Messages – Archangel Uriel"

Healing Power of Gratitude

I lay in bed last night with such a terrible migraine that I was actually frightened. I had spoken to the nurses helpline and they had set up an appointment with me to speak with a nurse practitioner via phone. Like many others I am in self-isolation and awaiting the results of a test. I didn't feel so unwell as to go to the hospital as was the recommendation for my symptoms. I've had these migraines before and I've survived. This one had woke me up the night before and had continued most of the day. The call from the nurse practitioner had not come as scheduled and I was aware that the stress was causing more harm so off to bed I went. I lay there focused on all of the people in my life. My form of prayer these days is no longer to ask God for what I want changed. Instead I spent the time telling Him how grateful I was for all the things that I had in my life. Continue reading "Healing Power of Gratitude"

Healing With Your Inner Angel

Angels are Divine Beings that wait for our permission to help us. Have you ever felt lost? Alone? Like there is no one there. We all have that moment when we break down and cry because it feels like there is no hope left. Nothing I can do about this and there is no where to turn. Most of us are feeling that now as the world is in crisis. There has never been a better time to learn to connect with the Healing Angel that is living inside you. That Angel has been waiting for you to call her in to help you. It's a very simple process. It begins with listening. Stop for just one moment. Stop reading. Stop and take a breath and just listen. Did you hear a sound? Feel a smile or a frown, maybe a little frustration came up? That's the voice of your inner angel. People often think of Angels as perfect beings of light have only feelings of love. That's not exactly true. Continue reading "Healing With Your Inner Angel"