Focusing Anger

Every time we are angry or judgmental we are really saying there must be something in this that’s worth saving . When we focus on what is wrong we are sure to see it. Make a practice of allowing yourself to notice what you are judging in the situation. Dive into that anger. What is it that you are seeing that needs to change? Allow the energy to build without judging it. Just like revving up an engine.  This is powerful. We can do a lot of damage to ourselves and to others when we focus that anger into the place where it came from.

Take a moment to get your bearings. The engine is roaring but you wouldn’t want to drive that race car just anywhere after all it’s a precision vehicle and you don’t want to damage it. Your body is much more than a race car. Step out of your anger and look up at the situation. It hasn’t changed but you have. Now
you can sit and allow that anger to melt away but that wouldn’t serve you. That’s not who you are.

Look beyond the situation what can you see that caused your anger to build? The truth is you saw the right answer and you have the solution. You know it  !  You are holding on to the resolution to that situation and you have the way to fix it.  Now take the anger and allow it to move you. The situation was only the
spark. You have drained it already of all the fuel and you are ready to go forward and change what sparked it. Add some understanding to your engine. You can see how that person place or thing got thing got to be the way it is. You can relate to them because you already got out of the same mess. Use
that understanding to recognize that the situation will change. Yours did. Now shift gears.

It’s not really that situation that you are angry at. It’s the fact that it keeps happening! It happened to you now it’s happening to someone else. That’s your direction. The situation can’t change until we change the catalyst. This is wisdom. Take the anger and the judgement and redirect it into passion and advocate for change. Not in the moment but in the moment before the moment. Time itself is the illusion and we can go back and change a situation before it happens. We can go back and keep our children’s children from
living in the situation that brought